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HUGO BOSS Gil Enamelled Silver-tone Cufflinks - Blue UdTv4OTNZ
HUGO BOSS Gil Enamelled Silver-tone Cufflinks - Blue
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Estimados colegas:

Muchos personas me han preguntado,

“Cómo está el comportamiento de los sismometros de período corto fabricado por OSOP comparados con otros sismometros buenos de banda ancha como el Nanometrics Trillium Compact?”

Siempre respondo que la Sixaola y Angara East West Set Oval Garnet Solitaire Ring with Diamond Accents nLnV6Xbm
tienen la misma comportamiento adentro de 1 a 5 Hz donde nuestros sistemas de detección automática filtran en este mismo rango para picar fases. Abajo comparo las señales de 3 Sixaolas y 3 Darienes con un Nanometrics Trillium Compact + Earthdata 209 para un evento local.

Por qué hacer este experimentito con el Compact? Porque el Compact, como todos los equipos de Nanometrics, es un excelente estandar para instrumentación sísmica. Todos los Compact que salen de fabrica tienen la misma repuesta instrumental (su sensibilidad es 750 V*s/m con una precisión de ± 0.5%). En mi opinion, los sismometros de banda ancha marca Nanometrics son los más fidedignos en el mercado.

Descripción del experimento

Al inicio de este año 2014, instalé 3 Sixaolas y 3 Darienes en , nuestra bóveda en el mismo pedestal del concreto donde tenemos instalado nuestra Nanometrics Trillium Compact. Los datos continuos de estación BRU2, red PA están disponible por IRIS en un Jana Reinhardt Sterling Silver Hummingbird Bracelet 19cm Medium 7rK3ohx5

Los mps fueron:

Todos los instrumentos fueron orientados hacia el norte con nuestro giroscopio y fueron nivelados.

Abajo comparo las señales de los Sixaolas, Darienes y el Nanometrics Trillium Compact para un evento local. Hacer un clic en los imagenes para verlos más grande:

Primero, comparando una Sixaola y un Darien con el Nanometrics Trillium Compact:

Abajo, super-poniendo las señales de 3 Sixaolas, 3 Darienes y el Nanometrics Trillium Compact, con y sin filtros:

Abajo, super-poniendo las señales de 3 Sixaolas, 3 Darienes y el Nanometrics Trillium Compact, con y sin filtros con un zoom sobre la primera llegada:

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Written by tutor Adina Reyter 14k Gold Pave Folded Fan Necklace G90veqQPH

If you want to learn how to use the “se” in the impersonal and passive voice, it means that you are a dedicated learner who has come this far into the study of your new language and that you are already familiar with the concepts of transitive and intransitive verbs, direct and indirect objects and above all, you understand how the passive and impersonal sentences look like in English. Am I right? If this is not the case , I suggest that you go back and study these few topics... go ahead; it will be a healthy review. If you’re ready to proceed into your brave quest, then let me help you through this topic:

To build a sentence using the passive voice with “se” in Spanish use:

SE + VERB (3rd person singular or plural)


Some technical stuff: All verbs in the passive voice are transitive. This fact has two implications:

To build a sentence using the impersonal “se” in Spanish use:

SE + VERB (3rd person singular)

What?? So, what is the difference between the impersonal and the passive voice? Is it just the fact that the verb goes in third person singular? Then, “se habla Español” is in the impersonal, or in the passive voice? This is too confusing! This can’t be happening! HELP!!

Do not panic... Let me explain:

The impersonal accepts intransitive verbs (this is a clue). The Passive voice uses transitive verbs only . The difference is in the context: If the verb takes a direct object, then it is passive. The impersonal does not take a direct object.

Depending on the context, a sentence may be impersonal or passive:

“En Colombia se baila mucho la Cumbia.” Since “la Cumbia” is a direct object of the verb “bailar”, this sentence is in the passive voice .

“En Colombia se baila mucho.” Since there is no direct object for the verb “bailar”, the sentence is an impersonal one .

Decide if the following sentences are in the passive or the impersonal voice:

En Wyzant se aprende mucho Español

The correct answer here would be .

El partido se jugó anoche


Posted on Natural Life Tie Dye Print Half Boho Bandeau Black Multi QaSQsR

On February 22 was published in the Official Gazette and discussed the long-awaited call for R D + i “Feder-Interconecta” for communities of Galicia, Andalusia and Extremadura.

I make a brief summary of the call for Galicia

Object, conditions, purpose and geographical

Directed to the financing of large experimental integrated development projects , strategic, large scale and aiming to develop innovative technologies in future technology areas with projected economic and trade internationally, assuming both a technological and relevant to Galicia. These projects must have a minimum fundable budget € 1.5 million and a duration of two years .

These projects must involve at least one research organization , formalized participation in the form of outsourcing and should be at least 15% of the total budget for financing. It may contract research organizations outside the region, provided that such activities are vital to the development of the project and research organizations do not exist in Galicia that have the capabilities to develop these activities. could also be part of this project other companies outside the region, but their participation in the project will not be funded by this program.


1. Can be receiving the grants any group of companies , and must be expressly stated in both the request and the decision granting, implementing the commitments made ​​by each member of the group, and the amount of subsidy to be applied by each of them, which will also be considered beneficiaries.

2. They may also be beneficiaries of EIG (IEA), incorporated under the legislation. The representative of the project has to be one of the large or medium-sized enterprises in the cluster. Among other aspects of the contractual document IEA should regulate at least the following:

a) Distribution of activities and budget. b) confidentiality agreements. c) Property, legal protection (patents) and dissemination of results. d) Management of the consortium. Contingency Plan. Groupings must be comprised of at least three independent companies each, of which at least one of them must be large or medium and one must be SMEs, in the event that the group is not there is no small business should be involved, at least one, in the form of contract by any of the companies of the group. be valued balanced consortia, which have a size for efficient management. In any case, the maximum number is ten companies.

3. Agency research .

Temporal characteristics of aid

Projects multiannual with some action in 2013

Aid intensity

1. Maximum grant: a) For projects of experimental development : the 25 percent of eligible project costs. b) For projects of industrial research : the 50 percent of eligible project costs. The aid intensity must be determined by each beneficiary, even if it is in cooperation projects.

2. May be increased basic aid intensities laid down in the previous section as follows: a) When aid is awarded to small and medium enterprises ( SMEs ), the maximum aid intensity may be increased by 10 percentage for medium enterprises and 20 points percentage for small businesses , and b) Up to a maximum aid intensity of 80% of eligible costs may be added a bonus of 15 points percentage if the project involves collaboration between two or more independent companies, and if under the following conditions:

1. No. No company should be run by itself with more than 70% of the costs eligible. 2 The project involves collaboration with at least one SME

Deadline and submission of applications

The deadline for submission of applications and documents close on April 4, 2013 at 12:00 hours. Completion and submission must be made ​​through (Request help, quiz, memory and annexes)

Eligible expenditure.

1. Those who respond to such indubitable nature of the subsidized activity and strictly necessary for the development of the project or activity for which they were granted. In any case the acquisition cost of the eligible costs may exceed market value.

a) Costs of equipment and instruments , to the extent and for the period used for the project. If such instruments and equipment are not used exclusively for the research project, only be eligible depreciation costs corresponding to the duration of the research project, as calculated on the basis of good accounting practice.

b) Personnel costs (researchers, technicians and other support staff), when used only on the project.

c) Costs of research contracts, technical knowledge and patents bought or licensed from outside sources at market prices, as long as the transaction is at arm’s length and no element of collusion and consultancy costs and equivalent services used exclusively for the research activity.

d) Overhead directly derived from additional research project. expenses are those that are part of the costs allocated to the project, but which by its nature can not be directly attributed to not individualized (among others, power, phone) . In the calculation will take into account the actual cost of the costs included in the concepts listed below account of the last financial year 62 and the ratio of staff costs charged to the project and the total cost of staff company with a limit of 30% of the labor costs of the project and annuity business. account Concepts 62 that are considered are: 621 Rents and royalties. 622 Repairs and maintenance. 624 Transport: those by third parties on behalf of the Company, except for sales made. 628 Supplies. 629 Other services may include transportation costs of company personnel and office expenses primarily (office supplies and cleaning).

e) Other costs of operation, including costs of materials, supplies and similar products, derived directly from the research activity. These include the costs of project management representative, defined as derivatives of the overall coordination of the consortium, preparation of progress reports of research activities, justifications for monitoring and dialogue with the CDTI. Also included under this heading related expenditure report explanatory account of each of the beneficiaries conducted by an auditor or audit firm registered in the Official Register of Auditors to monitor projects, with a maximum of two thousand euros ( 2,000 euros) per beneficiary annuity.

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